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The Steve McQueen Family Needs Your Help! by Tony Piazza

NEILE ADAMS McQUEEN– Steve McQueen’s first wife spoke at the dinner the night before the “Steve McQueen Car Show.” She spoke of Steve with tears in his eyes, how he’d left the Boys Republic in 1944 with only the shirt on his back, a pair of jeans, and a tattered suitcase. After they were married and he became successful she caught him dressing up for a visit to his former school. She asked him why he was wearing his nicest clothes and he responded, “I want to show the boys what they could become.”
The Boys Republic has helped countless kids escape from the streets and become useful participants in our society. They have been doing this since 1907; their motto “Nothing Without Labor.”
I know there are countless charities out there hounding you to donate…and times are tough for us all. But, this e-book is only 99 cents, and if you saw the progress that I’d seen being accomplished I know that you would want to be a part of it. All we can take out of this world is our good works. Think about it! This is not a bad investment. 100% of your dollar goes to the boys. I don’t get a cent. You get a good book, and we both get the satisfaction of saving a boy’s life.

Below is a sample of the response on my FACEBOOK page:

Ninette Bavaro-Latronica: The book is worth reading…the cause is worth donating to….

Tony Piazza: Ninette, thank you. Chad McQueen approved it. Ron Harris, the organizer of “The Friends of Steve McQueen Car Show” told me he enjoyed it, and many others were anxious to purchase it. It has my own photographs, personal stories not only from me, but others, one who knew McQueen when he was just starting out and learning racing. This is a one-of-a-kind e-book. But aside from that, it is not about the book, but the boys. The book is a bonus.
PLEASE consider helping the boys!

And read about the Boys Republic on their website:


Tony Piazza is author of the 1930s Hollywood murder mystery novel; “Anything Short of Murder,” which had its roots on the TCM fan website. His next novel, “The Curse of the Crimson Dragon” has just been released. He was an actor/extra during the 1970s and worked with such legends as Steve McQueen, Paul Newman, and Karl Malden.  He also has a new author landing page: www.authortonypiazza.com



Tony Piazza & Chad McQueen

This weekend I met Chad McQueen (Steve McQueen’s son). He is a great guy…just like his dad…and he is keeping the McQueen legacy alive by being the driving support behind the California Boys Republic. This is a school that was established in 1907 to take troubled youth and turn them around to become useful citizens. Steve McQueen was there in the 1940s and credits it for turning him around. Please support it with a .99 cent donation to bullittpoints.com. Not one cent goes to me, but 100% for the boys.You will be saving a boys life and getting a cool e-book in the bargain!